280,000+ jobs within minutes of subject sites, including 3 largest job corridors in the Valley: Downtown Phoenix (4 miles, 8M SF office space, 120,000 jobs), Midtown/ Central Corridor (9M SF of office space, 60,000 jobs), Biltmore Financial District (3.5 miles, 8.5M SF of office space, 58,500 jobs).

Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. The Census Bureau reported Maricopa County received 222 people a day in 2016. From July 2015 to July 2016, the county added more than 81,000 people.


Phoenix has become a home for major tech companies from Silicon Valley, including Yelp, Weebly, Uber, Shutterfly, Prosper Marketplace, BoomTown, Gainsight, and DoubleDutch. These companies, and others like them, saw reprieve from the exorbitant costs of doing business in the Bay Area and the spiking labor competition, and also drawn in by the value of running their expansion offices in Greater Phoenix.


Arizona State University’s Downtown Campus (4 miles, 11,200 students in downtown, ASU total enrollment 83,200). Grand Canyon University (3 miles), 3,600 employees on-campus, 75,200 (on-campus + on-line) total enrollment.




The Park Central Center is located in the heart of Midtown, it is expected to be the new economic engine for the area.  This redevelopment of Park Central Mall to a High-Tech Office Park is underway with developers of SkySong implementing a similar strategy with innovative and modern work environment (including high exposed ceilings) attracting technology, creative and knowledge companies and workers. The same synergy with ASU at SkySong exist with Park Central and ASU Phoenix downtown campuses. Also included in the development are trendy dining and entertainment venues for the community.




Lifestyle Amenities Abundant

Surround by numerous amenities from tree line walking and biking paths, to trendy dining and luxury shopping.  Plus Major League Baseball Stadium,  Phoenix Suns National Basketball Colosseum and Metro Light Rail to connect it all. With such abundant amenities and over 280,0000 jobs in the immediate area these prime multifamily sites have it all!